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Have we made progress levelling the differences between men and women? Yes! Is it good enough? Not even close. Recent events have highlighted how far we still have to go. Not only do women still earn significantly less than men in the same occupations, they more often live in poverty, contend with frequent domestic violence, suffer inadequate maternal and infant health care, and are more often diagnosed with a whole array of mental health issues, including depressionanxiety, and eating disorders. In the coming years, we will likely be facing new challenges to reproductive rights, and increased sexism and oppression.

On a more personal level, many women still labour under the delusion they “should” maintain a perfect household, raise star-performing children, pursue a demanding career, be a doting wife or partner, and stay hot and sexy all the while. And when we inevitably fail, the overwhelming response is shame.

Despite social progressions, women still shoulder the vast majority of domestic chores, as well as child-rearing responsibilities. Despite an effort to promulgate body-positive self-acceptance, women are still susceptible to unrealistic expectations about their bodies — wanting to look like super models whose proportions are digitally altered to assume shapes no human body ever realised. The idea that every body is beautiful in its unique shape and size sounds good, but is terribly hard to live by.

Learning to embody your own form of femininity, to find the courage to speak truth to others even when that isn’t what they want to hear, to be willing to both stand your ground and give way depending on the situation. These are the worthy challenges.

All of us, women and men alike, have to find a way to reach into ourselves to find the authentic core. From there, we move toward the fullest expression we can muster. We look for forces to support us in our growth, and help us dismiss the voices and pressures that alienate us from ourselves and people we trust and are close to. Finding your voice, your strength, and your power is important, and paves the way to compassion, in addition to being able to stand up for yourself unapologetically.  We can help you find your roots in what matters to you, and shape your life to grow from there.