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Third party reproduction refers to a circumstance where a couple, for a wide variety of reasons, cannot conceive a child themselves, and seeks to do any of the following:

  • Use donor eggs to conceive a child
  • Use donor sperm to conceive a child
  • Donate eggs to help others conceive a child
  • Donate sperm to help others conceive a child
  • Identify or serve as a surrogate or gestational carrier who will carry a pregnancy conceived with some combination of a couple’s and donor eggs and sperm.

What is the role of the counsellor in this arena?

For couples seeking to conceive by means of donated sperm or eggs, it can  be extremely helpful to anticipate the feelings and challenges that lie ahead. Many egg and sperm banks require individuals to meet with a mental health professional prior to going forward with this process.

When a gestational carrier is in the mix, more people are involved, and more people always means more complexity, and more potential for challenge. Forewarned is forearmed, and everyone is best served when all potential outcomes are explicated and discussed.

We will explore all the issues with you, and be sure you are fully prepared for the expected and unexpected. Experienced with all aspects of third party reproduction, we can help you anticipate potential trouble spots, and take steps to protect yourself in practical and emotional ways as you embark on this exciting journey toward family