What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? What is the point of all this effort and striving? It is impossible to address these questions without acknowledging the existential dilemma.

We are all in a terrible predicament, immersed in a situation we know to be temporary, charged with figuring out how to have a satisfying life, populate it with good relationships, grow a family, find satisfying work, and engage in the never ending effort to grow as a human. All this, knowing full well it all will disappear one day, perhaps without a moment’s notice.

Most of the time, this reality resides in us below the surface, allowing us to function day to day with reasonable equanimity. But we all ask ourselves these questions occasionally, particularly during times of transition. When we are in an in-between space — between relationships, jobs, locations, life phases — our sense of purposeful direction can lapse, resulting in a painful sense of drift.

A sense of meaning is usually facilitated by engagement, be it in relationship, learning, work, art, or projects, while a loss of meaning usually signals something important is missing. The answers, of course, lie within. No one can give them to you, you must delve inward to find them.

It can be useful to examine our life-course, as such reflection gives us an opportunity to evaluate whether our pursuits align with our values. In life, most of us follow the seemingly random trail of one thing leading to the next. It is all too easy to lose track of what matters to us most, one day finding ourselves in an unfulfilling position, or having abandoned our dreams.

What you do with your life is important. Having a sense of satisfaction and meaning is very possible. A few conversations about these concerns with a skilled therapist can have a tremendous impact on how you feel about your life. We welcome and encourage these conversations, and will support you in raising your level of conscious engagement and authentic enactment of what matters to you most.