It is not uncommon for a divorced pair to reach an impasse on issues regarding children or finances even many long years after the divorce. It often happens that residual feelings of resentment and anger dating back to the marriage or the divorce itself are still at play in the difficulty around making compromises and coming to agreements.  Divorce judges may require couples go to post-settlement mediation for these disputes, rather than using the legal system.

There are many advantages to using mediation over the legal process; these include cost savings, privacy, retaining control, and the possibility you still may be able to improve your relationship with your children’s other parent enough for you to function cooperatively — a possibility of immeasurable benefit to you and your children.

We can work with you to identify the underlying objectives and values that inform your disagreements. Once these foundations are clarified, it is almost always possible to address those concerns to everyone’s satisfaction and find an agreeable compromise. The power of stepping away from positional thinking to focus on common interests cannot be overstated. The fact that the children’s well-being is always the first priority offers a starting place where interests align. Understanding where and why they depart fosters a deeper awareness of your own and your ex’s assumptions, misapprehensions, and concerns. This process can be empowering and healing, as it encourages each person to be his or her best self and move forward into effective communication and compromise. Again, strengthening and improving the relationship during post settlement mediation offers a powerful and positive message to the children about how to effectively and humanely navigate strongly held differences.