Effective parenting is a wildly difficult task that changes by the day as your children change, and which we all go into with no training. At times, your children probably surprise you by how reasonable and responsive they are, at other times you may fear that they are little sociopaths. What is the best way to shape your child’s behaviour? If punishment is not OK, and time-outs are ineffective, what’s left? And what if one of you engages in parenting practices that the other disagrees with? We all know it isn’t good to contradict the other parent in front of the children, but sometimes it can feel like there’s no choice.

While there are some good systems for parenting out there (e.g. Love & Logic), it can feel overwhelming to figure out the best thing to do with your particular child and/or your particular partner. Every situation and every family is different, meaning sweeping guidelines are never exactly applicable to anyone.

We offer an opportunity to talk to an experienced counsellor who can listen dispassionately, and suggest where you might be better served by adjusting your approach. By aligning with your co-parent, and following agreed-upon strategies, you can feel much more supported by each other, and can return to the basic premise that the couple-bond is the foundation upon which the family rests. This conveys a sense of security to all members of the family, and facilitates a more harmonious experience.