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What is masculinity? There was a time when the desirable attributes of manliness were clearly defined. Costly and undesirable at times, but at least there was no ambiguity about what the goal was. No more. Still heavily socialised to contain their feelings, men are also now expected to be emotionally intelligent. Still turned to for protection and strength, men are also expected to be gentle and peaceful. The mixed messages about sexuality are too confusing to get into a single sentence. In a landscape of increasing complexity, with more fluidity but no less judgement, all of this can be overwhelming. At Support, we want to encourage every man to become more fully himself. What this means in terms of relationshipswork, communication, self regard, sex, and health is different for every person. What does masculinity look like? It looks like a man brave enough to be true to himself; a man who acts with consciousness and compassion; a man mindful of how he affects others; a man clear in his intentions.

Historically, men have been much more likely than women to turn to anger and substance abuse to manage feelings. Physiologically, men suffer significantly from stress, likely from a still powerful injunction to “tough it out.” While women are slowly catching up, men still kill themselves more often than women do, they die younger, they are more often subjected to violence. We know men are over-represented in addiction and depression. A recent poll of men cataloged some of the top men’s issues as being father’s rights, double standards, media treatment, false accusations, and education.

Being a good son, father, partner, and friend is an ambitious undertaking. We are committed to supporting you as you investigate deeply to untangle your own feelings, wishes, and desires from expectations, real or imagined, you feel imposed on you. We will work with you to become more emotionally available to the people you love, to refine your expression of anger, examine your relationship to money, engage your sexuality fully and respectfully, and to clarify your goals and direction in life.