Wow, that’s a lot of letters! Can we just say that at Support, we welcome all individuals into therapy, regardless of their sexual preferences, and/or gender identification.

Even if you have no distress directly associated with your sexual orientation or identity, it is an inescapable fact that living as a minority is a source of stress and anxiety. It is likely partially for this reason that LGBTQIA individuals are at increased risk of self harm and suicidal ideation. More likely to have been subject to bullying, oppression, and victimisation, and to have experienced discrimination and social stigma, LGBTQIA folk are also at higher risk for depressionanxiety, and other mental health issues. Relationships with family and close friends can be strained over issues relating to coming out, and sometimes it can feel like there is no safe place in the world for you.

The challenges faced by individuals and couples of every variation in the LGBTQIA community are different. Each group struggles with a different set of challenges within themselves and in relation to the wider world. It is helpful to see a therapist who is familiar with the nuances of these differences. At Support, we will welcome you into the process of problem solving, self-discovery, and healing. As always, we view every individual as unique, and work to help you view your difficulties as a road map toward positive growth and development. Whether you are early in your own self-discovery, or long established in your identity and your community, we will support and challenge you to reach toward your fullest and most fearless expression of self. From there, resolving issues and problems becomes a creative endeavour, focused around supporting your own growth and evolution.