Any couple struggling to conceive a child is prey to a host of difficult feelings and fears. Women may feel broken in a profound way, men may feel like failures. There may be anger, blame, shame, and grief in the mix. The array of decisions that need to be made can be overwhelming, and often there is a sense of urgency, as time passing can make things worse, especially for women who have waited into their 30’s to try to conceive. Creating a child can in short order become a soulless medical undertaking that is costly to the relationship emotionally and financially. The effort to conceive a child can dominate a couple’s life so completely and for so long, that they lose sight of each other, as well as their own life goals and priorities.

Let us help you take back control over your life, repair your relationship to yourself and your partner, and give yourself an opportunity to re-group, re-assess, and explore, individually or with each other. Whether you are struggling with anger, blame, shame, or grief, your feelings need to be heard and respected. Many couples are afraid to speak openly with each other about what they are experiencing, and get locked into silence. The many pressures, physical, societal, and familial that go to work on a couple struggling with infertility can make it hard to sort out your own feelings, and the best path forward for you.