More and more, we are understanding that happiness is a skill set. Research in the past 10 years has taught us a great deal about how to effectively cultivate happiness and contentment. One primary principle is that it does not work to try too hard to be happy. It is important to start where you are, showing up for whatever your state of being might be, and allowing yourself to experience that fully. It turns out that finding a way to accept how you feel (and who you are) is the precursor to being able to cultivate change. Being dismissive and disrespectful of our feelings, and trying to cover them up with a veneer of positive thinking and smiles tends to backfire. Because the “happiness” isn’t genuine, it doesn’t feel good, and because the “unhappiness” is not addressed, it lingers. Self-acceptance is the foundation for this.

This idea of showing up for whatever you are experiencing in life is one of an extensive array of life skills that enhance life satisfaction and subjective well being. In addition, we know that there are many lifestyle choices that facilitate well being. These choices occur in behaviour,  contemplation, and cognition. The first entail such basic things as committing to exercise, good sleep habits, and healthy food. Then there are the mindfulness practices of meditation and gratitude, which are extremely powerful, and finally there are the skills of positive self talk, maintaining perspective on the importance of things, and challenging our habits of mind and behaviour.

When you successfully combine all of these principles together, your chances of moving in a direction toward greater happiness are very high. But there are a lot of moving parts! Let us help you map out the approach that is most suited to your personality and circumstances. We can assist you in constructing a repertoire of practices that combined will give you a sense of mastery over your own experience in life on a daily basis. We offer an environment rich in opportunities to practice the skills that, over time, will lead you to a greater sense of ease and contentment.