Although we all know intellectually that loss and grief are a natural part of life, when someone we love suddenly no longer exists in the world as we know it, everything can feel unnatural. Where did they go? How can we fill the space that they left? How can life just go on? Grief is a powerful experience with no master. It takes the reigns of our lives for as long as it does, and we have to accept and go along with that. But it doesn’t mean we are completely helpless. There are ways to facilitate the grieving process, things we can do to help ourselves come to terms with the new shape of the world and re-engage in our own lives.

Many things affect grief : Was the loss sudden or unexpected? Was there trauma as part of the experience? What was the tenor of our relationship to the other person? Have we suffered many losses in life? And so on. Grief affects thoughts, behaviour, and feelings, and is apparent in every aspect of life, including:

  • disruption in memory function
  • lack of energy
  • depression
  • feelings of uselessness and boredom
  • anxiety
  • nausea
  • crushing fatigue
  • anger
  • helplessness
  • isolation

Because friends, family, and peers may be reluctant to talk about your loss and grief, you may feel you are the only one who is feeling the way you are. We assure you, you are not alone.

Death is the first thing we think of in relation to grief, but there are many kinds of losses that can elicit similar reactions. Loss of a marriage to divorce or infidelity, loss of our work, home, or a pet. Even normal life events like a child leaving home can lead to a grieving process. Let us help you sort through the layers of feelings and over time integrate your loss in such a way that you can go on with your life, feeling more like yourself again. Let us help you discover that after a period of dismantling, you will re-configure and come back to a sense of wholeness. Gradually, over time, you can settle into an appreciation for what you had, and a willingness to venture whole-heartedly into whatever comes next in this journey, your life.