With a rate of approximately 50%, we view divorce as a “normal” life event. Many relationships have a natural life span, and when they reach the end, it does not mean the marriage was a failure, or a mistake. While unavoidably painful and difficult, especially when there are children in the family, there is no reason the end of a marriage has to be damaging or destructive to anyone involved. When divorce is a humane process that promotes the well-being of all parties and is built upon cooperation, collaboration, communication, and careful planning, it can leave both the couple and the children positioned to transition into the next phase of life from a place of strength rather than devastation. Let us help you toward this path!

There are many different kinds of divorce, and the way you approach this normal life event will have enormous influence on you financially and emotionally. We strive to educate people about all their options and can help you determine the best choice for you and your family.