Every pairing has challenges. Sometimes life challenges like infertility or illness arrive unannounced. Other times difficulties emerge within the couple — conflict, sexual incompatibility, an affair.  If each individual is constantly growing and changing (as we all are), how does this play out when two people are closely linked, looking to each other to meet primary needs? Every couple brings the complexities of two individuals, each with his or her own family, history, assumptions, blind spots, passions, and aversions. In other words, It’s Complicated! We believe that just as disruption in the individual can signal normal evolution, trouble in a relationship may herald a need to grow into a new space. As Bob Marley says, we’re going to get hurt — not by malice, but by the reality that our never-ending maturation and emergence into fuller expressions of ourselves is a messy process. Whatever stage your relationship is in, learning will help you master the challenges and continue to grow together.