Whether you are in the process of making a decision about abortion, or are addressing the fallout afterwards, we consider abortion to be a couple’s issue, because there are two people involved. While we 100% support the woman’s right to choose, we feel there is also room for men to be heard. Many men feel that they are not given the space to express their feelings before and after an abortion. This can leave unresolved resentment and grief that can affect your relationship.

Abortion can be a complex emotional experience for both the woman and the man involved — or not. Some people have emotional struggles post abortion . . .  and some do not. Many things inform a person’s reaction to an abortion— how much control they feel they had over the decision, religious, political, and familial backgrounds, the nature of the relationship between the two people involved, and more

We offer you a neutral, non judgmental, Madison space to explore your feelings about this event, and to try to separate your own feelings from the noise all around you of others’ feelings. As a hot-button issue for so many, personally and politically, it can be hard to find a quiet space to simply focus on how you feel and what is best for you individually and as a couple. Let us have an open conversation to help you sort through your feelings and find a way to live with your choices peacefully and without residual emotional tumult.